A new classic

A review of Asteria Dress


Reviewed by Pluto & Brisk on 18th September, 2020


Look what’s not to love, an excellent dress pattern that will do you all year long with a bit of interest/vintage-ey vibes with the square neckline without going all out/putting pressure on you to work out how to do pin-curls or something…

The tweaks I made to this first attemptĀ  were

  • Putting some arbitrary darts in and taking a bit of the fullness out of the waist to make it a bit more fitted and rely less on a waist tie to cinch it in
  • It thus needed a zip in the back
  • A circle skirt
  • Made the bodice fully lined with a light cotton rather than use facings
  • Didn’t sew the waist ties into the side seams. Instead made a seperate band tie that went all round the front to tie at the back. Think I rather it with a belt tho.

Things I like about this make

  • My pattern matching at the back around the zip. Such satisfaction.
  • I think the fit makes it comfy but flattering, with a wider waist and a tie this would be the case even more so

Things I don’t love quite as much

  • The front gapes out a bit at the neckline rather than sitting against my chest. I think next time I’d best take some width out of the front in the middle which I could afford to do cos this one the neckline is quite. a wide square.
  • How wonky my hem has become. Because I didn’t wait and hang my circle skirt before hemming it. Whose fault is that? Mine. It is entirely mine.