A needlecord Mayberry

A review of Jennifer Lauren Handmade Mayberry Dress

Reviewed by @goingtoneedstitches on 26th February, 2019

The Mayberry dress by Jennifer Lauren Handmade is a companion dress to the Quincy- meaning all pieces can be interchanged! I love this concept and wish more companies did this- owning both patterns means you get a choice of pocket types (in-seam or slanted) , panelled or simple A line skirt, bodices (V-front or asymmetrical closure) sleeves (short, 3/4 or long) and plain and yoked back. I actually wish the concept had been pushed a little further- perhaps with an alternative to drawstring closure or a different skirt shape?

As I’ve made a few Quincy dresses this time I decided to make the straight Mayberry dress- overlapping front, 3/4 cuffed sleeve, simple skirt and back. The pattern includes multiple cup size which is such a bonus. I made a 6B grading out a little at the waist. I’ve made a lot of JLH patterns so I know this size combination fits me really well with no adjustments needed. The dress is quite simple to construct and the instructions are very good. The only thing I didn’t love was the way the sleeve cuff was sewn on- it seemed really fiddly and quite hard to get even gathers. Having said that I do love the result and the sleeve.

I used a plaid needlecord from Seasalt and it was such a great fabric for this dress- the dress is cosy and perfect for winter. It was my first time pattern matching plaid and it went well across the front overlap (one of the skirt side seams is a different story but as the fabric is quite dark I don’t think non-sewists notice at all!). I really love the finished dress, in particular I like the interesting neckline with the overlap! I will definitely make this dress again in the future- it’s pretty but very effortless to wear.