A dusty pink duster

A review of Named Esme Maxi Cardigan

Reviewed by sewslowsarah on 29th January, 2022

I really love this cardigan. You know it’s a good one when you’ve worn it every day since you made it! I made this cardigan for a blog post for a sewing shop, but wanted to share my review here as I really love this pattern and want to encourage more people to try it!  It’s super cosy, and I love the colour on me too. It’s great to wear with jeans and a t-shirt, so is perfect for mum life.

I knew I wanted to make a cardigan and had seen the Esme pattern released by Named Clothing – it’s an oversized, maxi cardigan and I just loved the style. Is it a cardigan? Is it a shacket? Is it a duster? Let’s call it all three, but for the purposes of this post I’ll call it a cardigan, in line with the pattern description.

As it’s an oversized style, I cut the size M – my measurements were spread between a M and L so I went with my hip size and upper bust measurement. The fabric requirements in the pattern, as they often are, were quite generous, and so I have about 80cm left, which I’ll use to make a matching cardigan for my daughter (I love the Maple cardigan pattern from Poppy and Jazz for using up medium weight stretch remnants).

The pattern came together well. The pockets take a bit of time as they need some reinforcing to keep the shape, but I find the pockets the most time-consuming element in any cardigan project. Despite the time it takes, I like that the instructions included a note to reinforce the pocket seams and the shoulder seams. Many patterns don’t ask you to do this, but with stretchy fabrics, it’s really helpful to stabilise the seams that take a lot of stress.

Once the pockets are constructed it comes together quickly with just a few pieces to join and then the button band to bring it all together. I could have shortened it but decided not to. It really is a duster in that it pretty much dusts my ankles as I walk, but I do love that style.

Although the pattern uses buttons, ultimately I decided against them, which I often do on cardigans. I like to wear cardigans open, so the buttons aren’t very functional, and so I just skipped that part. Overall, a very successful first make for 2022

There’s more info on my blog post