A curve-friendly hoodie!

A review of Cashmerette Stanton Hoodie

Reviewed by @lynnsewsnow on 27th April, 2022

A hoodie is a wardrobe essential, especially in my neck of the woods. I’d always purchased mine ready to wear but they’ve either been a bit over baggy or too tight in certain parts. So I decided to try sewing my own using this curve friendly pattern and it’s definitely a winner for me.

My main fabric is a soft mid-weight loop-back jersey I purchased a few years ago because I loved the colour. The striped lining is a repurposed tee which was too thin and tight to wear.

I followed the optional instructions for faux flat-fell seams – they take a little time but I love how they reduce seam bulk and provide a neat finish inside and out. It’s also my first time hammering in eyelets although buttonholes are an alternative option. And another optional detail for a tidy finish is the twill tape stitched inside the neckline.

Sizing is a straight 18E/F with the full bicep sleeve. I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out and still love the colour.