A Brown Corduroy Ivy

A review of Ivy Pinafore Dress


Reviewed by Sew Dainty on 21st November, 2019

This is such a great pattern to sew, and since I bought the pattern several months ago I have been waiting for the weather to turn colder so that I could get on and sew it. Although there is no reason why you couldn’t wear it in warmer weather – for me, especially as it is fully lined, it is perfect for Autumn/Winter.

There are two dresses that you can make with this pattern. I chose to make the gentle A-line version, but you can also opt for the looser tent-style dress too.

I used a brown corduroy, which was lovely, but the top stitching details and the flat-felled seams got a bit lost in the wales of the corduroy, so I think I must definitely make another with a fabric that I can see those details on better.

The pattern and instructions are faultless, I have made her Pippi Pinafore before and again, it was a lovely pattern – you can see that a great deal of work has gone into it.

The curved yoke and straps are real features. I really like the big buttons that alot of people have used when sewing up this pinafore, however when I held up a large button when trying it on, I felt like the recommended 4cm (or smaller) sized button was much too big for me, and opted for a 2cm jeans button instead. I did sew the buttonholes for it, but as it is a ‘pull on and off over the head’ type dress, then you don’t have to make them working buttons (if you don’t like sewing buttonholes).

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