A bit too big but a fab pattern

A review of Nexus Blouse

Reviewed by sewslowsarah on 24th January, 2021

With its billowing statement sleeves and relaxed fit, this pattern caught my eye as I saw more and more versions pop up on Instagram. Although I fell in love with lots of the bell sleeved versions, I know that’s not going to be practical for me with a baby at home, and so I went with the equally fab statement sleeve with huge cuff.

Other than a quick toile of the Sapporo coat, this was my first experience of sewing with Papercut Patterns. I love their packaging with recycled paper, and cutting out the pattern instructions to create a little booklet. The instructions are really easy to follow, and it was a nice sew – not super simple but not too challenging either.

I made a mistake when choosing my size. I picked the size based on my bust measurement, when really what I should have done is based it on my high bust measurement because I have a 4inch difference between the two (my current measurements are on my Instagram page). I was so ready to go with the fabric that I didn’t toile and really should have done. After trying the blouse on I was a bit disappointed, as it gapes, but once I tried a few different hairstyles I decided I really liked it. It does gape if I lean forward, but it’s not been a problem with lockdown!

One of my favourite features is the huge wrist cuff. I’d seen a few versions with big statement buttons which I love. I wasn’t sure that I needed a contrast button, or a design on it, so opted for quite large buttons that really pop against the bright yellow print.

The fabric is a Kokka that I got in a sale at such a low price it was basically robbery. It’s gorgeous.

There’s a full write up and loads more photos, including me trying to decide if I like it, on my Blog post