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Sculptural Bucket Coat

From Sew Different
Review by Lindsay Hodgson
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Cottons / Chambray / Flannel
Less than an hour

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Brilliant pattern – so simple but SOOOOO stylish. All my friends have gone wild over this coat – it’s very chic and I feel a million dollars wearing it. I’d bought this fabric ages ago but didn’t find the right project for it – the print is so big. Anyway – this was absolutely perfect. My pattern matching was pretty good too even if I say so myself. Originally I was going to be lazy and just use pinking shears on the seam edges but I am so glad I took the time to use a contrast binding as the inside is so beautiful you could almost wear it reversible too. The tutorial video even mentions all the other ways you can do the seams but the binding makes it look special for sure. The sewing itself is very quick so it is worth taking the time to do all the binding too. Very simple sewing really and the instruction video is very clear. Great pattern and a lot of potential for other jackets! Also – loved the fact that it was downloadable (though you can buy a paper version too it seems) which was brilliant as I live in Rwanda and yet I could make it up the same evening I saw it being advertised!! Fabulous for impatient people like me. Watch this space on more of these projects.


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