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Reeta Midi Shirt Dress

Review by Shauni S
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Hi all! I finally gave the Reeta Midi Shirt Dress a go, spurred on by the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge, and I’m really pleased with the results!

The Reeta dress was a fairly straightforward sew, arguably easier than the ‘3 scissor’ difficulty level stated and quick too – I made it in just a day. I saved myself a few extra steps by skipping the pockets. As much as I like the style of them, the placement, combined with the style of the dress, just wouldn’t do any favours for my bust.

The only real difficulty I had was with attaching the collar, mainly due to the severe curve at the front. It took me a couple of attempts to get this right and not catch any fabric in that I shouldn’t.
I was also a little confused over how to hem the dress. The bottom of the facing is attached earlier in the make, and I just couldn’t make sense of the instructions/illustrations with this bit already attached when it came to hemming. I sort of freestyled it, and then cut it off when shortening the dress and sewed the hem again.

The use of a ribbon to form the casing for the waist cord was interesting and makes for a really nice finish. I added toggles to my waist ties as an extra feature too. I stitched the dress closed between the buttons at the waist to avoid pulling when the cord is pulled tight.

In terms of fit, I made the size 42 and it’s pretty much spot on! In future I would change the placement of the top button as it falls slightly too high on my bust. And something that a lot of people comment on with Named patterns is the length. For reference, I’m 5ft 6″ and had to take a good few inches off the length of the Reeta when it came to hemming.

I love the finished dress and it’s a really nice style to wear. The side vents also mean it swishes in a really cool way when you walk! I made it in a poly crepe and would use a similar fabric or lightweight cotton in future. It’s a pattern I’d definitely recommend and one I’m sure I’ll be making again 🙂

More pictures and love for the Reeta Dress can be found on my blog:



  1. kathyimlost

    So good, Shauni! I have a friend who wants me to make her a shirt dress and I’m thinking about using this pattern. Useful to know I will probably have to shorten it! x