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Mona jacket

From Wear Lemonade
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Heavyweight Cotton / Twill / Gabardine
All weekend or longer

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Mona Jacket by Wear Lemonade

Hello everyone!

I think that Spring is finally here! Last week, the temperature was between 15-22’C! It was a lot sunnier and also it didn’t got dark early in the afternoon. How I love these sunny days! I have already started planning my Spring – Summer makes! Can’t wait to make them! I think I have more sewing plans that actual sewing time! Ha ha!

My first spring make is done! I made the Mona jacket by Wear Lemonade! Another #2017makenine project! I had an eye on this jacket for at least six to eight months!

As far as the Mona Jacket is concerned, is an unlined biker jacket, crop length with two bust darts, metallic zipper and four pressures. It has long sleeves which can be modified to 3/4 sleeves or sleeveless. The difficulty of the patterns is “intermediate” according to the company.


I made size 40. As I mentioned before, I decided to line the jacket. I thought that the gabardine wool fabric couldn’t stand alone. The lining along with the main fabric provides warmth, cosiness and it also is easier to put the jacket on because it slides.

To learn how I made the lining pieces and attached it to the jacket go to the happy sewing blog! The full pattern review is here:


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