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Kielo Wrap Dress

Review by Elena
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Jersey / Knits
Half a day

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This was the first of the 2 Kielos I have made so far (im sure there will be many more).
As I have a naturally short waist and I’m mainly made up of hips and leg I took the decision to take 3 inches of the bodice length and I must say it fits me perfectly! I did this by taking 2 inches above the ties and 1 inch just below and just graded between.
I decided not to lengthen the bottom as I quite like the ankle length.
I then tried 3 different methods of finishing the neck and arm holes. For jersey I’m going to settle with serging the edges then folding and stretch stitching them down. For me, it gave the neatest finish (over bias faced, and a neck band method which both looked messy when I did it) I think WHEN I make a woven version I will go with the bias facing.