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Cocoon coat

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PATTERN NAME: Cocoon coat
DATE ADDED: 19/05/2017
DATE FINISHED: 19/05/2017
FABRIC TYPE: Wools / Suiting

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This pattern is by Sew Different.
Pattern sizes included in the Cocoon Jacket pattern are UK sizes 8 to 26.
The pattern is printed on a good quality printer weight paper. The instructions are very clear with good illustrations with good layout illustrations for different widths of fabric. The design is a very interesting one and the resulting shape of the coat is attractive. It would be a really good candidate for using different colours for each of the different sections of the fronts and sleeves. The pattern indicates that the time taken to make this coat should be around 2 – 3 hours. I found this not to be the case. However, that could be because I used a heavy weight double sided wool fabric. As a result I spent rather more time than probably required, hand sewing to keep the layers flat. The thinner lining is hand stitched to the inside side seams and around the armholes. Only the fronts are lined on the original pattern. My own version has elongated sleeves since I did not wish to have a coat with shorter sleeves. The original pattern should end with lower edge of the plaid section of the sleeves on my coat. If you visit the designer’s website, you will find a hack to adapt the coat. This gives a high collar and also a button band for the front edges. The website is: