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Artemis Coat

From I Am Patterns
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I had my eye on this PDF pattern release after I saw Kate’s vlog about sewing it up in a gorgeous white quilted cotton.

Having never made a jacket before, I definitely saw the appeal of Artemis cocoon shape and the fact that it is unlined. It really is the perfect pattern for a first jacket so I highly recommend it. The only caveat is the fact that IAM patterns are so sparing with the notches….it can be quite nerve wrecking when you’re assembling on the strength of one or two notches for the whole garment!

Choose your fabric carefully, as it will seriously impact on the look and feel of this jacket. When you see the samples made up either on the website or in person (I saw IAM patterns’ made up one at GBSB Live) you will notice that the jacket styles vary dramatically. If you use something soft then it is a properly snuggly cocoon, but if you use a denim (Like the IAM patterns sample) then it looks like a very sharp, Japanese working man’s jacket.

I chose plain black needlecord because I thought it would be nice and warm but not too heavy, as you never know what you’re going to get when you’re out and about in the British weather!

It really was a lovely, satisfying sew and I managed to print and assemble the PDF and sew the whole thing up in one (long) day. I think the whole thing took me 12 hours. It would take you much less time if you have an overlocker, but I wanted to take the opportunity to learn to do a Hong Kong finish on the seams and I’m very happy with the result.



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    It looks stunning on you! Having done the Sapparo coat I think I will do this one too because I am getting a bit obsessed with the cocoon shape 🙂

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