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Buy Issue 112 Wonder of Selvedge magazine. This issue focuses on communities previously oppressed by colonial powers that are shaking off the shackles of the past and entering a new epoch emancipated, self-confident, and taking centre stage. Makers previously excluded from the European canon are embracing ancestral knowledge, regional materials, and traditional crafts, transforming them into sustainable practices born out of a desire for a future based on social justice.

In this issue, Annebella Pollen describes Sonya Clark’s unravelling of the Confederate battle flag as a symbolic dismantling of white supremacy. African fashion designers Daniel Olantunji and Imane Ayissi reimagine local materials and ancestral techniques to fashion garments that demonstrate craft skills long dismissed in Europe.

What is Selvedge magazine?

Polly Leonard launched Selvedge magazine in 2004 to celebrate our cerebral and sensual addiction to cloth while promoting skilfully made and carefully considered textiles. Every issue features talented makers and their lives and stories. Polly believes the most interesting and evocative textile stories deserve to be shown in the best possible light and has thus created a magazine that is an aesthetically beautiful experience.

This magazine is available in PAPER format. 

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