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Vanessa Pouzet

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Maxi portfolio skirt with perfect fall!!! Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a great occasion, or a long skirt for every day, this model will reveal you. Its shorter cut in front makes it easy to live. You do not tangle your feet in the fabric, you do not need to lift it to climb a staircase!!! The mastered volume is discovered in your movements. Forget the long stiff skirt that makes you look like a lampshade. Play with the different subjects according to the seasons.
No problem for different stature, explanations to fit the length are on the pattern. A long skirt should always be adapted to fall just where it takes.
Rating: ♥ ♡ ♡ Accessible to beginners. Quick Sewing

Please note: this pattern is not available for purchase, please use the review below as a reference.

Sizes: from 32 to 48.

Fabric Suggestions: It will determine the style of your skirt but the possibilities are very numerous. A very fine and fluid fabric will give a skirt like mustard, aerial but without volume when you are static. While a cotton a little stiff, will give it the magnitude like the white. The plum rose is in viscose twill, a soft fabric but with a certain weight that gives it a nice fall. For occasions, why not a satin, or a firm fabric for a more marked volume.

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