I’m 38 and I live in Somerset with my partner, Andy, the two kids (Daisy, 10 years, and Gabriel, 10 months) and two cats. I’ve had various different careers, including teaching English Lit, but I’ve been making a living as a writer of gay erotic romance for the last few years (yes, really!) and I publish under the pen name Josephine Myles. I love writing but I need to make things with my hands too. I’m one of those terminally creative people with more ideas than time and resources, and I’m always up for trying a new craft, especially textile crafts. I enjoy crochet and knitting (especially knitting lace), and have a yen to try feltmaking again sometime soon. But sewing is my first love. I’ve been sewing by hand my whole life, although I only took up dressmaking on a sewing machine around five years ago. I’m currently trying to make myself a versatile capsule wardrobe, and am concentrating on sewing knits at the moment. I get very little sewing time these days, so instant gratification projects are a big draw. T-shirts ahoy!



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