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Are you jetting off this summer to escape the unpredictable weather and the norm? If you are thinking of sewing something to take, you might feel inspired by these chic and sultry destinations. When I romanticise holidays, I think of two I am lucky enough to have had – the French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast. They have been the backdrop for many films where the fashion is as captivating as the backdrop. They have unique characteristics, and I will help you decide: are you a French Riviera or an Amalfi Coast?

I have selected patterns that would work well as a capsule if you think of making more than one thing for your hols. But remember to check your baggage allowance!

The French Riviera is simply stunning. The sun-baked buildings are a little brighter than you might imagine. The style is every bit as chic as you’d expect from the French style, but this is France on holiday. Stripes are a must and the colour palette is decidedly elegant, with pops of red against the staples: white, navy and dark denim. A crisp white shirt is as important as the obligatory Breton stripe and the overall look is laid-back cool – with the polish you’d expect.

A full day of trotting around the cobbled streets requires a chic ensemble. You can’t go wrong with a crisp linen shirt and a pair of denim shorts topped with a visor or floppy hat to keep the sun off your face. An effortless jumpsuit wouldn’t look out of place either.

  1. Pattern Fantastique Celestial Dress (hacked into a top) and the Cove Pants
  2. Sew Over It Keira Shorts
  3. I AM Patterns Valerie Jumpsuit, Dress and Top
  4. Closet Core Jenna Shirt and Shirt Dress
  5. Melilot Sunni Visor and Hat
  6. Style Arc Twig Woven Pant and Ellis Knit Tee
  7. Tessuti Fabrics Astrid Sundress

When dining, you are likely to find your table has a rather excellent view of the harbour or similar. You can keep your evening outfits understated rather than over-the-top dressy. The Liesl + Co halter top and trouser combo is an elegant choice or a jumpsuit could do the trick. You’ll want to be comfortable to fit in all the fabulous seafood you might be eating!

  1. Maison Fauve Byzance Dress and Top
  2. Victory Patterns Rowena Jumpsuit and Pants
  3. Notches Judy Dress, Top and Skirt
  4. Liesl + Co Sintra Halter Top and Dress and Cannes Wide-Legged Trousers
  5. Atelier Scämmit Obession Dress or Skirt
  6. Paradise Patterns Smultron Dress

Doing a spot of poolside lounging or spending the day hanging out at the beach? A classic swimsuit with a twist is eye-catching enough and you’ll need an effortless dress to throw on when you’re done swimming. If sitting at the beach bar is more your thing, this Maison Fauve duo is a must! The  French Riviera look of the 1920s-1930s was the beach pyjama, so you can’t go wrong with sewing your own.

  1. Papercut Patterns Kaia Swimsuit
  2. Maison Fauve Salto Top and Grand Bain Shorts
  3. Kylie & the Machine Mule Tote
  4. Atelier Scämmit Astrée Blouse and Dress
  5. Tessuti Fabrics Coni Tunic
  6. Sew Over It Zahra Swimsuit and Bikini
  7. Bara Studio Emilia Dress
  8. Folkwear 252 Beach Pyjamas

Italian style is bold and fun with a nod to femininity. The Amalfi Coast boasts stunning vistas and many bars with a view. Lemons are a very obvious icon of the region, but one I lent into. Pick prints for your makes and bright fabrics… it’s all about standing out here!

The Amalfi coast beaches are magic. Many of them require clambering down to discover what feels like a secret spot so a shorts and shirt set is a good idea. You won’t want to leave the gently lapping waves, so it’s a good idea to pack something to wear at the beach bar for a late afternoon spritz. The Vikisews set is perfect for the day through to night.

  1. Folkwear 280 Resort Kaftan
  2. Friday Pattern Company Seabright Swimmer
  3. WISJ Tobi Tote Bag
  4. Tessuti Fabrics Arkie Shirt and Bailee Shorts
  5. Tilly and the Buttons Coralie Swimsuit/Bikini
  6. Vikisews Lucy Blouse and Mara Pants
  7. Closet Core Pietra Pants

If you fancy pottering around town in search of a ceramic souvenir, I’ve got a selection for you. This lot will take you through to a spritz the terrace. Fun fact: I had my first Aperol spritz in a Positano terrace bar with a view. We saw orange drinks being taken over to a table and ordered what they were having. I haven’t looked back since!

  1. Liesl + Co Laureles Square-neck Top and Dress
  2. Tessuti Fabrics Tavi Top and Evie Bias Skirt
  3. Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set
  4. Style Arc Porter Woven Pack
  5. The Patterns Room Ales Dress
  6. Style Arc Verona Woven Top and Milan Woven Pant

If you like dressing up for dinner on holidays, you will probably love the Amalfi Coast style! I’ve chosen some pretty and playful options that wouldn’t look out of place for alfresco dining.

  1. Sew Love Patterns Adele Jumpsuit
  2. Sewing Patterns by Masin Sicily Slip Dress
  3. Style Arc Belle Woven Dress
  4. Friday Pattern Company Saturday Slip Dress
  5. Tammy Handmade Raveena Dress
  6. Bella Loves Patterns Linda Dress
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