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    I was wondering if anyone out there is familiar with the clothing line Young Fabulous Broke and a pair of pants they sold a few years ago style name “aldo”. I did purchase one pair that I absolutely love, just don’t love to pay a hundred dollars a pop! They seem real simple to sew a pair up in an afternoon (which I’ve tried with no success). Where I’m having trouble is first of all cutting the material; proper drape, not sure where I should cut as far as the grain, rise, and I don’t think I’m using near enough material. Then there’s sewing the hem along the entire edge of each pant leg, I end up with a bubbly, wavy mess and I’ve tried numerous different tricks that I’ve found online for sewing with jersey/ knits/ stretchy material. Thanks!!

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    Aldo pantsAldo pants 2

    For reference.

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    Do you still have these pants to trace around? It looks like they are not hemmed, as if you sew with a knit jersey, it should not fray so there is no need to hem the bottom edge

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