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After seeing Mrs Harris Goes to Paris at the cinema I can’t help but feel; 1. inspired by the idea of wearing a couture dress 2. the urge to skip around the streets of Paris and 3. the desire to add a little bit of French style into my own handmade wardrobe.

We have some wonderful French sewing pattern designers in the shop. Patterns that offer a slice of timeless elegance that is so often thought of when we consider French style. I think we all probably have our own interpretations of French style and those chic women that we would like to mimic. We are finding that French pattern designers are very popular with makers at the moment, so thought we’d share a little bit about the ones you can find in our shop…

French sewing pattern brand, Maison Fauve makes beautiful fashion patterns with attention to detail and a focus on getting a great fit. They are the epitome of French style. With the thoughtful placement of tucks, pleats, ruffles and ties, it’s hard not to adore the design details on these stunning patterns.

Maison Fauve put an emphasis on enjoying the process and share some great tutorials and ideas to hack your patterns on their site. I highly recommend clicking through to a pattern if it catches your eye and appreciating the level of detail and finish you can get with a Maison Fauve pattern.

Sizing: Size range varies by design: EU 34 – 46 (approx. UK 6 – 14) / EU 34 – 52 (approx. UK 6 – 22) / EU 34 – 56 (approx. UK 6 – 28)

Format: Paper


I AM Patterns is one of the first indie sewing pattern brands I tried as a novice sewer, and I can confirm that my project was a success. I AM Patterns combines cool, everyday French/Parisian style with approachable designs and instructions for beginners and beyond! Typically, I AM Patterns designs come with numerous ways you can make them so you can get many makes from one pattern. I really love their simple and chic styling which reminds me that sometimes less is more!

I AM Patterns tends to release their sewing patterns in collections that always look great worn together. You really can mix and match their designs to create an effortless handmade wardrobe that you will love… or should I say amour!

Sizing: Varies by design: EU 34 – 52 (approx. UK 6 – 18) / EU 36 – 46 (approx. UK 6/8 – 14)

Format: PDF and paper (some older designs)


Ready to Sew is another one of the indie designers I discovered early in my sewing journey. Founded by Raphaëlle, Ready to Sew patterns are straightforward, minimalist and easy to sew. They are cool, but they are so relaxed they don’t even realise it! One of the best things about Ready to Sew patterns is how interesting they are. They always have a unique detail that catches your eye but is easy to style in an ‘I just threw this on’ kind of way.

The first pattern I made was the Jazz Jumpsuit which is part of an Ebook that gives you an unbelievable number of styles so you can make it 80 (that is not a typo!) ways. I adore their designs and would love to make the Partner Overalls next. You can also grab expansion packs for a number of their patterns which make them even more versatile.

Sizing: Varies by design: EU 32 – 46 (approx. UK 4/6 – 16) / EU 32 – 46 (approx. UK 6 – 14/16) and EU 46 – 58 (approx. UK 18 – 30)

Format: PDF


Atelier Scammit is a Fold Line favourite. Founded by Parisian Johanna who lives in Bordeaux, the patterns are all about achieving a beautiful fit, cut and finish. The designs offer a perfect balance of elegant simplicity with pretty details. They are pieces you can throw on and feel 100% more stylish! From beginners to advanced sewers, Atelier Scämmit offer sewing patterns that will result in beautiful garments with a hint of French style!

Sizing: Size varies by design: EU 34 – 48 (UK 6 – 20) / EU 34 – 52 (UK 6 – 24)

Format: Paper


Camimade patterns are another fabulous example of chic French style. Expect timeless designs with clean lines that are comfortable enough to wear every day. Camille, who is now based in London, has always loved fashion and a sprinkle of creativity – something you will find in each and every Camimade design!

I really love the Nuage Ballon Sleeve Shirt. It is such a pretty twist on a simple t-shirt, I must make one someday!

Sizing: UK 8 – 20

Format: PDF


French Poetry design styles worthy of the chicest ready-to-wear brands to burgeoning and experienced sewists. The Pleiades Dress (1 and 2) is very popular in the sewing community thanks to its chic and feminine style.

Sizing: Varies by design: UK 6 – 16 / UK 6 – 18 or UK 18 – 36/38

Format: PDF


When I think of French style, I also think of beautiful lingeries. French indie sewing pattern company Fitiyoo designs customisable shapes, that are adjustable and easy to make! Their motto is “Sewing without fuss”, and they share helpful sewing tips on their website which is handy if you are sewing lingerie for the first time.  They are a beautiful addition to our shop and a great range to test your lingerie sewing skills with!

Sizing: Varies by design

Format: PDF


If that wasn’t enough to tempt you to sew beautiful lingerie, Étoffe Malicieuse is another fabulous French designer to check out. French lingerie pattern company Étoffe Malicieuse has a beautiful range of designs that make sewing your own lingerie so achievable! Their goal is to make sewing lingerie accessible to everyone, so they include detailed instructions in their patterns. Check out their tutorials for hacks to get more out of their patterns.

Sizing: Varies by design

Format: PDF


We also have a selection of Deer and Doe paper patterns remaining you could browse!

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