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Sew Reporter – 29th August

Happy Sunday gang! Can you believe it’s the last one of August? Hopefully, you have something fun planned this weekend as it’s a bank holiday for many of us in the UK, which means more sewing time – yippee! We were chatting about what season we are sewing for on our Facebook group last week and it seems that many of you are ahead of the game on A/W sewing projects, while some (myself included!) are still optimistically working through our final summer projects! Not sure where you stand?

We’ve got plenty of sewing-related things to share with you and some other non-sewing bits that we are enjoying. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and thank you for stopping by for another instalment of the Sew Reporter… we’re here every week 🙂

As things are a little quiet on the blog and review front, we thought we’d share some wonderful reviews on one of our top ten patterns of the year so far, the Zadie jumpsuit from Paper Theory Patterns! It has definitely become a cult classic in the sewing community and it seems to be a hit with so many! Here are four fabulous versions of this lovely pattern.

This is quite possibly the coolest Zadie jumpsuit we’ve ever seen! How amazing are those shoes? Pauline AKA Sew U Think U Can re-purposed one of her Mom’s wax print outfits to sew this Zadie. We love it even more for that fact!

Chatterstitch also opted for print and we love it! This tropical print is spot on for summer and perfectly compliments the Zadie jumpsuit in our humble opinion.

🎶 Zadie in R-E-D 🎶 Mertxe was “caught by the wave” of popularity and dove into the Zadie pattern by Paper Theory with this stunning red linen. Can we borrow it?

Geri in Stitches described the Zadie Jumpsuit as easy to sew, easy to wear, effortless, elegant and effective. Well, as that does our job for us we will just sit here and study this stunning fabric!

We have added a batch of brilliant new sewing patterns to the shop this week, including Closet Core Patterns’ latest design and it’s so good!

Do you already have a specific design in mind? Or do you need some help finding the perfect pattern for your fabric? You can search all the patterns in our database using our newly updated sewing-specific search tool.

Pauline dress by Closet Core Patterns from The Fold Line
Farris jumpsuit and playsuit from Jennifer Lauren Handmade from The Fold Line
Teia dress and cami by Pattern Fantastique from The Fold Line
Xanelé shorts by French Navy Patterns from The Fold Line
223 A LADY’S CHEMISE by FOLKWEAR from The Fold Line

MARA PANTS by VIKISEWS from The Fold Line

GUESS WHAT?! We’ve added Tilly and the Buttons PDF sewing patterns to The Fold Line shop – hooray! You can now buy the PDF patterns and choose to have them printed using our easy-peasy copy shop service. The new patterns include four styles in TATB’s new UK 16-34 size band, add-on patterns that help you get even more out of your faves and a menswear pattern that is perfect for sewing gifts!

Shop Tilly and the Buttons sewing patterns here.

If you are pregnant or thinking about what to sew if you were pregnant then we’ve got a fantastic blog post and video for you. We’ve compiled a list of maternity appropriate patterns that you are going to want to make, wear, AND crucially come back to next year. It’s a big-time investment sewing, so you want to be able to wear it long term.. especially when you don’t have time to sew because of the new arrival!

Sustainable Fashion Week 2021

We spotted that a new kind of fashion week is on the horizon – Sustainable Fashion Week. Taking place from the 11th-19th September, it will be the UK’s first fashion week of its kind. The focus will not be on next season’s trends but instead will be on up-skilling, inspiring and empowering the community. The aim is to generate action, from the ground up, that supports a change in our relationship with fashion.

SFW will be curating a week of creative, community-led activity that celebrates the many ways we can begin new fashion habits that don’t harm people or the planet, including some in-person and online events. Check out the full programme here.

Sustainable Fashion week 11-19th September 2021

We love listening to a podcast and we love chocolate… preferably together! Hosted by Amelia Rope (chocolate business owner!), Hope and Patience is a podcast that explores the challenges of running a business and essentially, how to take care of yourself along the way.

We loved this episode with guest Katy Emck, Founding Director of Fine Cell Work, a charity we have supported recently. Hear how the charity began, the major driver for the late Lady Anne Tree (a prisoner visitor and prison rights activist) to fight for prisoners to be paid, why Katy became involved, how the charity works, where they have managed to fill the gap over the pandemic, the importance of wellbeing for offenders (75% of offenders have mental health problems), their Open the Gate Programme and much more. It’s an interesting listen!

Nine Perfect Strangers

If you are looking for an addictive series that you really wish you could watch in one sitting (but you can’t because a new episode is released each week!), then look no further. Nine Perfect Strangers, based on the book by Lianne Moriarty, started on Amazon last weekend and I can’t get enough of it! It follows nine very different people who arrive at Tranquillum House, a mysterious wellness retreat that promises “total transformation”. Once there, the guests fall under the spell of the enigmatic Masha, who will stop at nothing to heal them. As the days unfold, however, Masha’s unorthodox methods threaten to push this combustible group over the edge. If you loved Big Little Lies (also based on Lianne Moriarty’s book), then you’ll love this.

Watch Nine Perfect Strangers on Amazon (an episode is released each week), enjoy!


Matchy-matchy made in heaven! How striking is this set @joliesbobines made? She used the Cielo top from Closet Core Patterns and the Pomona pants from Anna Allen with a stunning fabric from Merchant and Mills to make this wow-worthy set. Follow Julie on Instagram @joliesbobines for more inspiring makes!

Fitiyoo lingerie

We are very happy to welcome Fitiyoo Lingerie to the Fold Line family! Fitiyoo is a lingerie sewing pattern company with customisable shapes, that are adjustable and easy to make! Their motto is “Sewing without fuss”, and they share helpful sewing tips on their website which is handy if you are sewing lingerie for the first time. If you have been a little tempted by the annual challenge, #BRAugust2021 to sew your own lingerie or swimwear, this could be a good time to start!

Come and join our sewing Facebook group where we are chatting about sewing plans, new patterns and helping each other out with projects.

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