The Perfect Sewing Patterns for Christmas Presents

Sorry team but I’m going to say the ‘C’ word… and we all know it’s just around the corner. As this year hasn’t quite gone to plan and I know Christmas is looking very different for many of us. Some of us have got stuck into a load of projects during the pandemic and some of us have lost our sewjo’s. Giving someone a handmade gift this Christmas is a fantastic way to get you back into sewing and also spread a little love. Who knows you might inspire someone to start a new hobby!

If you’ve got someone who you think would like to start sewing their own clothes, I’ve included some great patterns for beginners. I’ve made sure that these are paper patterns so that you have something physical to give this Christmas. We all know how addictive sewing is so why not get a friend or family member to come join the club!


For me this is the most decadent thing to give someone as Christmas, a handmade pair or pyjamas. Not only are they guaranteed to get a lot of use, but they are a really fun thing to make. If you want to go the full hog then I’d recommend the Carolyn Pyjamas from Closet Core patterns, these are your classic piped pyjamas. Made by so many they really are a favourite among the sewing community. If you wanted to make something quick, simple and satisfying the I’d go for the Jaimie Pyjama bottoms from Tilly and the Buttons. Another lovely thing to give as a present is a dressing gown. The great thing about these is that they are really simple to sew and look impressive.

Loose fitting patterns:

If you wanted to sew something without being able to fit it on the person you are making it for then worry not, we’ve got some ideas! My suggestion would be to make a loose fitting garment. This way you can choose the size you think and it’s far more likely to work out. There are some beautiful patterns that would make someone very happy this Christmas.


There are some fantastic kids sewing patterns on the market these days. I’m always amazed at how quickly they come together and how little fabric you use. The perfect scrap buster! Many of the pattens come with a large range of ages so that you can easily batch make a load using just one pattern! We’ve selected some of our favourites..



Many of us are unsure where to start looking for good menswear sewing patterns. I’ve tried to included a range of patterns for every sewing level, everything from a simple tie to a shirt. If you are relatively new to sewing menswear and wanted to see all the indie mens patterns that are on offer then you can have a look at the full range here.


I thought that some of you might not want to make an item of clothing for your loved ones. Why not make them something that they can use and you don’t need to worry about whether it fits them. There are some fantastic accessory sewing patterns out there and here are some of our favourites..

Perfect sewing patterns for beginners:

Do you have a friend of loved one that has shown an interest in sewing? Or someone you know that is looking to start a new hobby? We thought it might be handy to share some great sewing patterns for beginners. These are patterns that have fantastic instructions as well as simple to make.  After-all we want the first project to go well.

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