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Anyone else living in loungewear? Our new way of life has impacted my handmade wardrobe, I haven’t worn any of my ‘nicer’ clothes in over a month and really definitely noticed a few gaps that need filling pronto. Having started to think about what I want to be wearing I thought it might be handy to share my thoughts.

I wanted to create a capsule lockdown wardrobe of things that are easy to make.  I don’t seem to have the concentration for anything full on at the moment. I also want to make comfortable pieces, but I don’t really want them to look like I’m wearing what I perceive to be loungewear. I mean I love a tracksuit but I’m talking about things that look chic, are comfortable and that when we are all free again, will slip into my daily life. I could have written this a while back at the start of lockdown, but my thoughts has been percolating . I started by making a note of what I was wearing each day.. sounds a little extreme but I was shocked at how limited my wardrobe has become. I essentially don’t think about what I am throwing on each day. Having worked from home for the last five years, my daily life really hasn’t changed that much, so I should have taken lockdown dressing in my stride! I decided that I’d make a list of sewing patterns that I’d love to add to my life and it became so vast I had to split it into sections.

I’ve collated some really lovely patterns that I hope will inspire you so dust off the machine and start making. If you’ve been a prolific maker over the last couple of months then see this as a little top up. For those of you looking at the patterns thinking, do I have the fabric to make this?  The answer is yes. If you haven’t had a good look at your stash recently, go on, get it all out and rediscover some of the amazing things you’ve bought…


These are some lovely simple top options. I was looking for loose fitting items, that I could make in an afternoon or two. For those of you that love natural fibres I think a lot of these would look amazing in linen. For those of you who hating ironing as much as I do, if you made these in a mad made fibre you can pull it our the drawer and it’ll be ready to wear!


The key when hunting these out were simple fit and construction, so a lot of these options have elasticated waists. For those of you that are conscious of it looking flatting around the waist, if you pick the options with flat front and the elastic just at the back of the trousers. A lot of the things we’ve seen on the high street have for this summer have a loose leg so I’ve focused on that. It also makes fitting easy too.


The great thing about making a dress is it’s one item and you don’t need to think about pairing it with anything. So for me at the moment, this is ideal! All the dresses I’ve included are fairly loose fitting and on the simple side, the looser fitting the less issues you’re going to have with fitting and also it’s going to be comfortable.

Jackets.. or as I’m calling them the house coat:

As we are n’t leaving the house that much making a piece of outerwear seems a little pointless at the moment but these beauties I thing of as layering pieces that can be worn inside. I’ve made the Ayora jacket and wear it more like a cardigan than a coat…


I’ve added a few tracksuit options here because I feel like it’s not proper loungewear edit without them! I did a lot of research into ones that I felt had a few more details. Also if you are on a zoom workout call then nobody knows what you are wearing on your bottom half…


Ok I know a lot of us aren’t sitting around on our PJs all day but having recently been bought a pair of beautiful pair of pyjamas I think we all need some.  You spend about eight hours a day in bed, so if you think about the number of hours wear you are going to get out of a pair of pyjamas then it’s totally worth investing the time to make something lovely. I actually look forward to putting them on at night and hate the week they are in the wash! Here are some of the the patterns I’m really into…

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