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Hi Pals, Kate here and this week I’m chatting over some sewing pattern ideas for the Christmas P-A-R-T-Y season. I know that this time of year can often be fraught with a lot of social occasions, family meet ups alongside present buying, the office party…the list goes on! Finding the time to sit down and sew becomes harder and many of you will be giving up your sewing room a.k.a the spare room to a relative, who’ll spend the whole of Christmas telling you many pins they’ve found embedded into the carpet.


Before we gorge ourselves on five roast dinners in as many days, go forth and spend some quality time with your beloved machine and make something you feel fantastic in. I’ve done a round up of outfits I think would work really well over the festive period. I had a look at what was going on on the high street and picked a range of sewing patterns that will work for some festive adventuring.

Not everyone is in the market for a full throttle party dress, so I have split up the video accordingly. You will find some party dresses, something a little more casual, some jumpsuits and some beautiful top options. Whether your plans involve painting the town red, a quiet night in the pub or an evening of the sofa, I hope I’ve included some patterns that’ll  inspire your next make.  All the patterns that are mentioned in the video are below so you have have a proper look.


Party dresses with a capital P

Your more casual party dress:







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