The Sew Down – May

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Welcome to our new series.. the sew down (see what we did there?!) Each month we are going to bring you a run down of some of interesting stuff we have found and bought in the world of sewing! We will be talking fabric hauls, new sewing patterns and sharing some of the interesting things we have seen, eaten, listened to and sewn over the month of May.

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  1. eponak

    Really enjoyed your Vlog. As a solitary sewer in my parts ( yep, I ought to find other people, I know) your updates are helpful. Also as hearing impaired I agree about the Bluetooth headphones… and the risk of strangulation by wires. (It also takes three trains stops to disentangle my wires, i invariably found) I now have sound coming directly into my hearing aids, no need for bulky headphones! Also, any chance of subtitling your Vlog for deaf people? Thanks so much.

    1. thefoldline Post author

      Hello @eponak We are so glad that you enjoyed the vlog. We’ll certainly look into now we can make our videos more accessible and the option of subtitling. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. mandyquilter

    Thanks for a very interesting vlog. I do so agree about those wireless headphones. My dear husband bought me a set for my birthday earlier this year. I use it for listening to music. I also use it for listening to audio books. My local library, here in the UK, loans audio books online for free!

  3. psychicsewerkathleen

    I loved your podcast Kate but then I love them all – the best was to hear the British Sewing is BACK!!! I’ve been watching (very old episodes) it here in Canada and just love it. I also have the Kalle pattern on my cutting table and I’m excited about making it too – I’m thinking shorter length too…maybe in a nice linen for summer 🙂 Ironically my favourite “snips” (no way would these really be considered snips!) one by each of my 3 machines – is these workhorses I bought them in a hardware tool place to use for something else entirely and discovered they are the most comfortable useful scissors imaginable for everything sewing – they will cut through ANYTHING, blunt tips allows you to get super close to stitching without fear of cutting through and the serration keeps them sharp indefinitely AND they are so comfortable in your fingers. The best in case you’re looking for just that handy pair of scissors 🙂