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Parker Collection Embroidery & Tassel Tutorial

Embroidery and tassel tutorials plus colour templates!

Today we are going to share with you DIY tutorials on how to hand embroider your makes and add decorative tassels for a 70s inspired look. These sewing tutorials are perfect for making The Parker Collection your own but can also be used on lots of different garments.

Embroidery tutorial

First up we have a video DIY tutorial on how to do both stem and satin embroidery stitches to create the design on the Parker top below. Also don’t forget to download your FREE template here so you can recreate it for yourself.

Tassel tutorial

Add 70s inspired tassels to your Parker Collection top or dress with the photo DIY tutorial below.

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • 1 skein of embroidery thread
  • Piece of cardboard measuring 8cm by 3cm (to make your tassel longer, increase the length of the piece of cardboard)
  • Pencil
  • Large eye needle
  • Pair of craft scissors.

STEP 1: Fold the piece of cardboard in half so that is now measured 4cm by 3cm. Make sure you start with the end of the embroidery thread against the folded edge of the cardboard. Take your skein of embroidery thread and wrap it around the piece of cardboard four times (to make a thicker tassel, increase the number of wraps). Cut the thread.

STEP 2: Cut a short single length of thread and pull it through the non-folded edge of the cardboard to temporarily secure the wrapped threads.

STEP 3: Carefully slide the thread off the cardboard holder.

STEP 4: Place a pencil through the loops of thread close to the top.

STEP 5: Use another short piece of single thread to tie a knot below the pencil.

STEP 6: Remove the pencil and wrap the single thread around the tassel several times to secure it in place. Then tie a knot and tuck the thread ends into the main tassel to conceal them.

STEP 7: Next take a length of embroidery thread and loop it through the top of the tassel. Tie a knot and tuck the end of the thread into the main body of the tassel.

STEP 8: Cut through the loops and trim the ends to create the finished tassel.

STEP 9: Finally take the length of embroidery thread you are going to use to suspend the tassel and thread it through the top of the tassel head.

Ta-Da! Your tassel is finished and can now be attached to your garment! Make as many as you like. You can even make then in lots of different colours to create a tassel trim!

Colour Me In templates

Download these Colour Me In templates so that you can test out different fabric combinations for the Parker Collection dress and top.

Parker Collection Top Colour Me In template download

Parker Collection Dress Colour Me In template download

Find out more about the Parker Collection here.

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